Premium Colorado Hoodies & Outerwear

When you live in the State of Exploration, you know you could need something warm any of the 12 months of the year. We're here to make sure you look good wearing it. See our collection of premium quality colorado sweatshirts, hoodies & outerwear below. Our Colorado sweatshirts will make you look and feel your best, no matter what you are doing.

1876 Apparel is excited to offer Colorado sweatshirts, hoodies & outerwear that not only keep you warm and fashionable but also express your love for the things that make our state great wherever you roam.

  • Men's Colorado sweatshirts & hoodies - designed with all 4 seasons in mind, they are legendarily soft hoodies that are both casual and sophisticated. Check out our Timberline hoodie.
  • Women’s Colorado hoodies - stitched together for the stylish and sophisticated, our offerings for women’s hoodies are also warm and incredibly soft, with a focus on fashion. Our most popular item of all time is our women’s Crush hoodie, which is back and as the Crush V2 - the softest and most flattering hoodie in all of Colorado.

Colorado has always been home to innovators and creators seeking to improve their community and state. Founded in 2017 by a Colorado native, we set out to create Premium quality Colorado clothing that is not only functional but celebrates the things that have always drawn explorers to our amazing state!

At 1876 we focus on making Colorado sweatshirts and apparel that are durable, warm and fashionable. Buying clothes should not be a risky investment, which is why all our clothes are backed by our Iron-Clad Warranty. If any aspect of our clothing does not meet your expectations, we will replace it, no questions asked, for a full 90 days from purchase on all clothing items.