High-End Colorado Clothing Store

There’s a lot to love about Colorado and many reasons for people to find their way here. There’s the ever-present background of the Rocky Mountains, the crisp and clean air, the seemingly unending wilderness to explore, and the opportunity to challenge yourself on all terrains, in all seasons.

Colorado is also home to a high-end Colorado clothing store and lifestyle brand - 1876 apparel, and we are a company made up of Native Coloradans who are passionate about crafting clothing that holds up to the adventures that make up life in the high country.

It’s not enough for us to simply slap a state flag onto an article of clothing. We demand the best of ourselves from design to distribution, knowing that our clothing represents not only ourselves but Colorado.

Wherever the road takes you next, we have products to keep you warm, comfortable, and looking good when you get there:

  • 1876 Lodgepole Line- Anyone who has ventured into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado knows about the Lodgepole pines - tall, majestic, strong, and enduring. We wanted to exemplify these qualities in our line of high-end apparel, which bears the Lodgepole name and symbol.
  • Hoodies and Jackets- A staple of any Coloradan’s wardrobe, our hoodies, and jackets are often our first layer of protection against unforgiving winter wind. Designed to be extremely soft, warm, and durable. Our outerwear is comfortable and stylish, bearing graphics that celebrate the culture of our great state.
  • Headwear- We all know that hats are not worn simply to keep the sun out of our eyes - they are extensions of our personality, showing the world who we are and what we are about as we wander through it. Not only are 1876 clothing hats warm and comfortable, but they all bear a message about Colorado. Whether your personal style prefers a beanie, snapback, or a classic baseball style cap, you will find what you are seeking.
  • Tees - Tees are essential for the laid-back lifestyle of many Coloradans, and our collection of tees are not only incredibly soft but we have graphics to choose from based on your personal interests - as long as you’re interested in adventure!
  • Accessories - In addition to our high-quality clothing, 1876 apparel also offers plenty of accessories like a Colorado Nalgene & Vinyls to complete your Colorado lifestyle.