The State of Exploration isn't just a saying, it drives everything we do. To that end, it's our mission to support fellow Explorers as they blaze their own unique trail. Artists and dreamers, doers and thinkers, heroes and visionaries. The partners we work with represent the best of what exploration is all about, and we're honored to have our name on the projects we collaborate on with them.

Our first Explorer partner: Float Like a Buffalo. The group's roots stem from the state of Colorado. This theme is repeatedly called to throughout their music. Frontman, Cory Pearman and Percussionist, Garrett Achten formed the original incarnation of the band in Littleton, CO early in 2014, and the group has continued to grow in popularity and influence across Colorado ever since.

Our first Explorer partner: DeHuff Uncensored. Scott DeHuff is uncensored! He talks funny news from around the world, supernatural, parenting, and plenty more. DeHuff isn't afraid to share crazy stories from his days in Denver radio, as well as the insanity of raising two young children. He also likes to explore conspiracy theories and mysteries of our world and beyond. To make things fun, DeHuff has a wide cast of character voices that pop in and out of every episode. DeHuff developed the "Cluster Fuck of Madness theory". Which basically is no matter what, if we encounter E.T. life, we as a human race, will screw it up.