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The 1876 Lodgepole Mug may not look like the bulky insulated mugs you’ve seen before, but it features double-wall vacuum sealed technology that keeps your hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold, for up to three times as long as a typical mug. It’s 14oz capacity means you can fit an entire beer in it, and still have room for a proper frothy head. And it’s rugged… really rugged. The stainless steel construction includes a fully welded handle that means drops may add some character with a ding or two, but this vessel is almost incapable of breaking.

Can a mug be magical? This one undoubtedly is.

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Jason Rohlfing
Beautiful Mug But Doesn't Keep Drinks Warm As Advertised

I received this mug for Christmas in 2021 and loved the look and feel of the mug out of the box. Unfortunately its heat retention performance doesn't live up to the marketing hype.

-The mug is extremely lightweight and just the right size.
-The stainless steel allows you to enjoy the natural taste of your beverage. No nasty metallic taste.
-For hot beverages, the mug stays lukewarm on the outside so you can comfortably hold the cup without using the handle.
-Easy to clean

-Hot coffee doesn't stay warmer any longer than with a traditional mug. It may hold the heat a little better initially but falls off quickly.
-Can't use in the microwave (duh!). However, because it doesn't retain the heat very long (if you like to slowly enjoy your coffee like me) the inability to zap is a slight bummer.
-Can't use in the dishwasher.

Thanks for the feedback! We're always happy to receive it, good, bad, or indifferent.

If there's anything we hate, it's undelivered promises, and to that end we work very hard to avoid them at all costs. We're sorry to hear your observation that maybe in this case, we came up short.

In our testing we found that the Lodgepole Mug showed a significant impact on heat/cold retention. The very fact the outside stays lukewarm even with boiling liquids inside is the 'proof in the pudding' that the heat from the beverage is not leaking out the side of the mug. That said, the main area of heat loss will always be out the top, so the impact is a lot more pronounced on keeping cold drinks cold than hot drinks hot (old fashioned, anyone?).

Please reach out to us at help@1876.CO if you feel there's more we need to know, and thanks again for the feedback!

Robert Nissen
Awesome Mug

Love this mug!! Looks GREAT and keeps my cup of hot joe HOT!!