Welcome to The Explorer!

September 10, 2019

Welcome to the 1876 Apparel Blog

Welcome to the explorer!

Nick Baumgart - Founder of Colorado Apparel Brand, 1876 Apparel

Nick Baumgart
1876 Apparel Founder 

Why Did We Create an 1876 Apparel Blog?

You may already receive emails from us because you’ve purchased something from us in the past, or because you asked to be added to our list. We’ve always taken a lot of pride in keeping our emails to a minimum, and we want you to know that it will always be a priority that we don’t bombard you with more than you want. That’s why every email we’ve sent you has been to feature a product, tell you about a great deal, or invite you to an event. All of these things are very important to us, but we really want to have the chance to talk to you a bit more. 

We also want to give you the chance to dive deeper and learn a little more about 1876 Apparel, industry secrets and trends, and our apparel and home products. The 1876 Apparel Blog, affectionately deemed "The Explorer,"  is your place to learn all about how our luxury, local Colorado apparel is made, to get to know our company a little bit better, and to discover new businesses in our community.

1876 Apparel - 1876 Trophy Tee - Luxury, Quality Colorado Clothing

What Will You Find in The Explorer? 

New Product Announcements

When we launch something new, we get *really* excited! The blog gives us the opportunity to tell you all about why we created our new products and how we brought them to life. We're so excited to share more of the heart of our company with you. After all, we never do anything just to do it. Every Colorado apparel item and accessory we make has a purpose and a reason behind it. 

Behind the Scenes Stories

If we're being honest, we're huge nerds about our Colorado apparel business and we love what we do. That being said, we want to share all of our exciting, behind-the-scenes moments with you, and there's no place more perfect than on The Explorer, our blog. For instance, say we're prepping for one of our big annual events. We'll share what it takes to get there!

Community Spotlights

One of the pillars of our business is the incredible Colorado community that we get to be a part of. We call Littleton, Colorado our home, and we love our neighbors in Historic Downtown Littleton. So many of them are doing absolutely incredible things, and we want to make sure there's a light shone on their efforts. You'll see us write about all kinds of local Colorado businesses that inspire us on the daily. 

As a proud Colorado-native company, we’re so excited to shine a light on others in our community who are out there embracing the spirit of The State of Exploration. From local businesses to artists, charities, and community leaders… even just awesome people in Colorado’s diverse neighborhoods… we want to highlight the people and places in this great state that inspire us to keep pushing to be better. We have a microphone that we’re very grateful for, and we want to use it to do more than just talk about 1876.

Native Spotlights

The other major pillar of our Colorado clothing business is our people; Our employees, volunteers, and customers are what make our world go 'round, and we're excited to share their stories with you through the 1876 blog. 

What Makes 1876 Special? 

At 1876, we spend a lot of time, work, and energy on everything we do. As you have no doubt noticed, our products always have that little “something extra” that’s hard to define, kinda like mom’s cooking. We call it “elevation” internally. It’s the idea that even when we’re making a product that already exists in the market, like a tee or a hoodie, that it should still be “elevated”; It should be softer, better-fitting, longer-lasting… just surprisingly good, and better than many other products out there. To help you see that “special something” a little more clearly, we’d like to take some time to peel back the curtain and show you how we do that, and why it matters.

Industry Secrets Explained

The local Colorado apparel industry has its fair share of secrets and tricks of the trade (which we avoid at all costs). We want you to be able to understand exactly what goes into making a garment and how stores sometimes employ sly and dishonest practices to make you think you're buying something you're not. We're here to shed a light on these unsavory tactics and to help educate you to make the best and most informed buying decisions possible! 

About 1876 Apparel


From gold rushes to tech rushes, the spirit of Colorado has called out to adventurers and dreamers for generations. 1876 apparel is made for anyone drawn to answer that call. Locally owned and designed, every piece is specifically produced to celebrate our great state and the explorers who love it.

We're Nick, Lauren & Kaylee - a trio of Colorado natives out to do something different, and better. Based out of Littleton, CO since 2013, we launched the modern version of 1876.co just in time for 2017. In 2019 we focused our sights on wholesale expansion, and eventual world domination.

If you want to reach us, here's how:
Need Support?: 1876@smirkwith.us
Interested in wholesale?: wholesale@smirkwith.us

Nick - President: nick@1876.CO
Lauren: lauren@1876.CO
Kaylee: kaylee@1876.CO

Thanks for your support! We rely 100% on our friends to spread the word and keep us exploring!

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