Iron-Clad 1876 Warranty

September 19, 2019

Iron-Clad 1876 Warranty

Introducing the All-New 1876 Warranty

Why a New 1876 Warranty?

Here at 1876, we’ve always taken pride in delivering gear that’s “elevated”. We absolutely insist on delivering the highest-quality materials and designs. That way, you always know you’ll be thrilled with whatever you order from 1876. But it’s more than that. “Elevated” doesn’t mean just being the best in quality, luxury, and design; It means standing behind our products. 

While we always aim for perfection - and most of the time we get awfully close - we all know that it’s impossible to be flawless 100% of the time. If you’re one of the ultra-rare customers that has already worked with us to resolve an issue with a product, you already know how we handle that situation: we make it right, and we do it before you need to fight to get what you deserve.

Well, we figured it was time to make that philosophy in to “law”. The policy is new, but the actions behind it are not.

1876 Apparel - 1876 Trophy Tee - Luxury, Quality Colorado Clothing

The 1876 Apparel Iron-Clad Warranty 

We are proud to introduce The 1876 Iron-Clad Warranty. If a piece of 1876 gear doesn’t live up to its reputation, we replace it. Period. That’s for two years on sunglasses (yes, sunglasses!), cups, water bottles, coasters, and any of our other hard-line items, and three full months on clothing.

You’ll simply never have to worry that a piece of 1876 gear won’t live up to our legendary reputation. This is something we always have and always will stand by.

If you want all the details, you can check out the warranty here.

About 1876 Apparel


From gold rushes to tech rushes, the spirit of Colorado has called out to adventurers and dreamers for generations. 1876 apparel is made for anyone drawn to answer that call. Locally owned and designed, every piece is specifically produced to celebrate our great state and the explorers who love it.

We're Nick, Lauren & Kaylee - a trio of Colorado natives out to do something different, and better. Based out of Littleton, CO since 2013, we launched the modern version of just in time for 2017. In 2019 we focused our sights on wholesale expansion, and eventual world domination.

If you want to reach us, here's how:
Need Support?:
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Nick - President: nick@1876.CO
Lauren: lauren@1876.CO
Kaylee: kaylee@1876.CO

Thanks for your support! We rely 100% on our friends to spread the word and keep us exploring!

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