Colorado, The Brand

October 18, 2019

Colorado, The Brand

Colorado, the brand

What is the Colorado Brand?

Not surprisingly, the Colorado “brand” is popular all over the country. We’ve seen shops selling Colorado flag tees as far away as New York City! And why wouldn't they? We've got a beautiful state, from the Rocky Mountains to the national parks to Denver's thriving food and music scenes. We truly have the best of all of the worlds. 

So no, it’s not your imagination that makes you think we’re the best state in the nation, it’s true… measurably. In survey after survey, Colorado is consistently rated among the best places to live, with one of the healthiest populations and a soaring economy. We fight with amazing places like Hawaii as a top tourist destination, and we add almost 200,000 residents per year to the Colorado population. Clearly, we’ve got the goods. 

Don't believe us? Just do a quick Google search on Colorado and watch the articles pop up singing the state's praises. The results  about Colorado’s greatness are almost overwhelming. Just a couple months ago, US News named us the 10th best state overall (I think they bumped the “0” key), and the #1 economy. Even if the nation doesn't rank Colorado as #1 quite yet, we think it tops the list. 


That’s all well and good, but why is Colorado such a brand unto itself? Here at 1876, we believe that a part of the reason is our timeless Colorado flag design.

The current iteration of the Colorado flag was designed by Andrew Carlisle Carson in 1911 and adopted by the Colorado General Assembly later that year, on June 5. At this time, there were no official reds, yellows, or blues that had to be consistent on the flag; Same with the Colorado "C." The legislature did not specify guidelines or rules for the size of the "C," its location, or its color. 

On February 28, 1929, the General Assembly decided that the blue and red present on the Colorado flag would officially be the same as those same colors used on the United States flag. Later, on March 31, 1964, they also declared that the diameter of the gold disc would be equal to the center stripe.

 Some years ago, there was a legal fight about the Colorado flag. Some governmental agencies contended the flag was not “public domain,” and therefore, wasn’t to be used on things like shirts. When it was all said and done, it became clear that the flag represents all of us, and so belongs to all of us. The state launched the “Brand Colorado” initiative several years later, with the purpose of creating a mark representing official state business. They also launched a program to certify companies that are Colorado local, and we’re proud to have been one of the very first companies certified under that program.

We, as Coloradans, collectively take great pride in where we live, and the symbol of our great state. If you think about it, Colorado is one of the few states where you see people wearing the flag around all the time - on Colorado flag shirts, Colorado flag hats, and even on home goods. 

How Does the Colorado Brand Drive 1876 Designs?

As for 1876, we embrace the spirit of our state to drive our designs. After all, Colorado is the reason we do what we do. We trademarked Colorado's birth year; it means that much to us. 

From our iconic circular designs depicting the best parts of Colorado (i.e. the Colorado Flag, Colorado downhill skiing, a Rocky Mountain forest and deer, and the beautiful Denver skyline) to our minimalist Trophy emblem, we aim to capture what connects us all across Colorado. We have always functioned under the philosophy of doing more than just slapping our state flag on a shirt, no matter how great it is, but our designs are crafted from the same passion that drove the creation of the symbol of our state.

Every piece of 1876 Apparel is specifically designed for life in The State of Exploration. Colorado clothing has never been so versatile, so luxurious, and so stylish.

About 1876 Apparel


From gold rushes to tech rushes, the spirit of Colorado has called out to adventurers and dreamers for generations. 1876 apparel is made for anyone drawn to answer that call. Locally owned and designed, every piece is specifically produced to celebrate our great state and the explorers who love it.

We're Nick, Lauren & Kaylee - a trio of Colorado natives out to do something different, and better. Based out of Littleton, CO since 2013, we launched the modern version of just in time for 2017. In 2019 we focused our sights on wholesale expansion, and eventual world domination.

If you want to reach us, here's how:
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Nick - President: nick@1876.CO
Lauren: lauren@1876.CO
Kaylee: kaylee@1876.CO

Thanks for your support! We rely 100% on our friends to spread the word and keep us exploring!

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